How To Lock User Accounts Without Deleting Their Content In WordPress?

In this tutorial we will be showing you how you can easily lock any user account in WordPress keeping all his content like posts, images etc safe  in your website.

By default WordPress provides you two options at the time of deleting any user account (Dashboard -> Users -> All Users). You can either delete any user with all content created by him on your website or you can associate his posts etc to some other author on your website.

The problem comes when you want to disable any user from logging into your website without deleting his account on your system. Here comes the use of Account Locker Lite plugin.

The plugin allows you to lock user accounts selectively without deleting their posts and other content.

To start locking users, visit your admin area dashboard Users -> All Users page, navigate to the user account which you want to lock and click edit button.

Now from the user edit page, scroll down to ‘Lock User Account‘ section and select ‘Locked‘ status from the ‘Account Status‘ dropdown box.

User Account Locker 1

You can unlock the user account anytime using the same dropdown box on user edit page.

User Account Locker 2

Locked users will not be able to login or reset their passwords on your website but all content created them will stay accessible for your website visitors.

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