How To Instantly Redesign Popular Google Services?

Google Redesigned is a free application available for Google Chrome & Firefox users. The extension completely redesigns all popular Google services soon after the activation. So if you are bored of default Google appearance then just add it on your web browser and the extension will automatically be redesigning your Google appearance. The extension has been appreciated by thousands of its users. The functionality is achieved by using custom CSS files which are loaded on your web browser as soon you install this extension, it provides you auto-updates, easy management and notifications for new updates.

Completely Redesign Popular Google Services In One Click

A few months back we have also discussed about the extensions that allows you change the background of Google Plus and Google Home Page (Search Page). Extension called 3D New Tab Page simply transforms you Chrome’s new tab into a 3D bookmarker.

How To Redesign Appearance Of Popular Google Services In One Click? 2

Another extension Color Change for Google™ enables you to personalize your Google™ page experience by using your favorite color. You can change the background color of Google in one click. Just add the extension and it will start showing its icon at the end of address bar on Google pages. Simply click that button and choose the color of your choice.

Doodle 1

Google Doodles are the custom Google logos used by Google on special occasions. Favorite Doodle is a Chrome app which enables you to replace default Google’s logo with your favorite Google Doodle anytime. Install it on your Chrome browser and then visit (either the home or any search results page) to see a special doodle.

Doodle 2

You can select your favorite doodle by clicking over the Google’s logo which opens the Doodle Gallery. From there you can simply click and set your favorite doodle. A few doodles are intentionally missing the favorite button due to licensing restrictions.

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