How To Wrap Text Around Images In WordPress?

Wrapping text around images is common style used for presenting text articles by aligning images on sides. This is done by adding CSS classes for image alignment in web pages. WordPress already provides you built-in image alignment functions, it provides you visual editor buttons for aligning images to the right or left or center and wrap text around them. All WordPress content editing pages provides you the image alignment options.It works works for posts, pages and other custom post types if you register.

How To Wrap Text Around Images In WordPress? 1

Visit Dashboard -> Posts -> Add New page or open any old post (or post type) for editing. Suppose you want to insert an image and keep it right aligned then click ‘Add Media‘ button, upload the image. When the image is uploaded, use the alignment dropdown present under the ‘ATTACHMENT DISPLAY SETTINGS’ to align your image. In the given screenshot we have chosen right align option.

How To Wrap Text Around Images In WordPress? 2

Now if you like re-aligning the image to the left, simply click to select it then choose ‘Align Left’ option present in the visual editor or click to select the image and then click that small pencil icon (over the image) and re-align the image. The pop-up also allows you to choose a custom size for your image, a custom image link, caption etc. Read our tutorial about editing images from post edit screen.

How To Wrap Text Around Images In WordPress? 3

All alignments works differently. Left alignment keeps the image on the left and wrap your text on other three sides, Right alignment keeps you to align image to the right and wraps text on the other three sides, Centre alignment keeps your image in centre; it wraps text only on top & bottom sides whereas left & right sides show empty spaces. Aligning to none keeps your image default aligned (as per your theme settings) and no text is wrapped on the opposite side.

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