How To Use Custom Image Settings Sitewide In WordPress?

By default WordPress uses some default settings like image alignment, image size and link etc whenever any image is uploaded from ‘Add Media’ button. Although, it allows users to use custom settings each time when an image is inserted inside a post or post type in WordPress but it doesn’t allows admins to change the default image settings. In this tutorial we will be showing you how you can change the default image settings sitewide in WordPress.

For Example: Suppose you want to use full image size and link all images to media file by default etc. Likewise WordPress allows you to set a custom thumbnail size, medium image size and large image size from admin area Settings -> Media screen. You can extend these image settings by using Default Image Settings in your website.

Install and activate Default Image Settings. After activation the plugin adds a new section in dashboard Settings -> Media section from where you can set a default image size (default, medium, large, full, thumbnail), default image link type (a custom URL, media file, attachment page or none) and a default image alignment (left, right or center).

WordPress Custom Default Image Settings

Finally, save your changes and that’s it. Now next time while uploading images, WordPress will use your new custom settings by default. Remember, the plugin doesn’t forces your new image settings, it only allows you to change the default settings with custom.

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