Enable Visitors To Add Your WordPress Blog’s Icon On iPhones & iPads Home

Add to home screen WP Plugin invites your blog readers to add your website as an icon or you can say web app on home screen of their iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It uses Add to home screen’s Cubiq script  for enabling and placing a floating balloon which invites the user to add website to their home screen as an iOS app. This is a good way to retain your visitors coming to your web address especially if you don’t like wasting your time and money on developing an expensive app just for letting your readers to read your website’s articles.

Floating balloon script is compatible with iPhone/iPod touch, iPhone4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S and iPad. Checkout its demo here (load it on an iPhone for instance) & screenshots here.

Add to home screen WP Plugin 10

Install and activate Add to home screen WP Plugin then visit your Dashboard -> Settings -> ATHS Options page and here you can add your website’s logo icon. For adding your logo first upload a 144×144 pixels image file in your media library then copy its URL and paste it on ATHS options page. As soon you do this, the plugin will go active and will start working on iPhone, iPad and other listed devices. But, it will only work on the safari web browser. You can set the browser and enable full screen mode from its options page.

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