Connecting A USB Pen Drive To Your Android Phone

All Android phones and tablets have a micro USB port in them which is generally used for charging the device, transferring files & sharing internet. However, most of the Android users don’t know that micro USB port can also be used for connecting USB pen drives and SD Card Readers (for memory cards).

This way you can easily transfer files from your pen drive or photos from the memory card of your Camera to your Android phone on the go. So now no computer is required for accessing files saved in USB storage devices.

To start, you will be needing a USB OTG adapter cable.

USB OTG adapter cable provides you a USB socket which can be connected to MicroUSB port on your Android phone.

USB OTG Adapter Cable

It has a male microUSB connector on one end and a female full size USB port on the other end. You can either purchase it online on Amazon or from a local computer store, just ask for USB OTG cable.

How To Connect USB Flash Drive To Android?

First install [root] StickMount application and then connect your USB OTG cable to micoUSB port in your Android phone.

Attach a USB storage drive. Now the app automatically works and mounts/dismounts your USB drive.

As soon your USB drive is mounted, it displays a notification and then you can access the connected USB drive files from Android’s file manager (click ‘My Files’ icon on apps page).

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