How To Capture Screenshots On Your Android Device?

New Android devices allows you to capture screens using Power + Home OR Power + Volume up OR Power + Volume down key but this works differently on devices.

There are some devices which provides screen capture button on poweroff overlay box:


Here is a more easy solution for capturing screenshots on any Android phone or tablet.

Screenshot Ultimate app allows you to capture screenshots and customize them, you can share them, draw things over them, add text etc.

How To Use Screenshot Ultimate App?

Start by installing the app in your Android device. Launch it and you will be seeing three options:

  1. Take Screenshot
  2. Screenshots and
  3. Settings.

Take screenshot option lets you take screenshot on a three second countdown timer, as soon the timer completes it captures a screenshot.

Screenshot Ultimate 2

App’s settings allows you to set the saving location of screenshots, syntax filename and the image format like jpg/png.

There are various other options like you can set overlay button and keep it visible on your screen for capturing screenshots more easily and frequently, you can also select to trigger screenshot when your device is shaked or by an audio command.

Triggers can also be set when power is connected/disconnected, at intervals, using some web server, using any hardware button like camera button, long click search, service icon click, widget button etc

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