How To Set Automatic Incognito (Private) Mode For Specific Websites?

In this tutorial we will show you how you can automatically set some specific websites to open in incognito mode as soon their web address hits your browser’s address bar. For those who don’t know anything about incognito: The times when you need browsing the web without saving any history and information like login credentials, autofills etc you can use incognito mode in Google Chrome by clicking the wrench menu (present on the top right corner) and selecting ‘New Incognito Window’.

In incognito mode, whenever you open webpages, open and download files etc they aren’t recorded in your browsing and download histories. All new cookies get auto deleted as soon all incognito windows are closed. The only things which are saved are bookmarks and general settings incase if you set any.

Setting Up Automatic Incognito (Private) Mode For Some Specific Websites:

Add Incognito-Filter app in your Google Chrome or Chromium browser. After the app is installed you will be seeing its icon next to the address bar, right before the wrench menu.

How To Add Or Remove Website For Auto Incognito Mode?

Simply visit the website, click the Incognito Filter Icon and select ‘Add Website’ option:

How To Set Automatic Incognito (Private) Mode For Specific Websites? 1

Alternatively, you can visit the menu ‘Manage Websites’ from the options panel of the extension:

How To Set Automatic Incognito (Private) Mode For Specific Websites? 2

Professionals can use the extension’s advanced options checkbox for adding their own Regular Expressions.

For Example: Insert /^https:/// and click ‘Add RegExp‘ for inserting a filter which will open all websites using https in new Incognito Window.

Advantages Of Incognito Mode Windows:

Website like Google+ or Facebook sometimes auto logins you to some websites with the usage of some scripts for Like or +1 buttons etc. Hence, entering or on incognito windows opens up these pages safely by stopping third party services from hijacking your web surfing data.

You ISP and the services you are using can still track your data as incognito mode doesn’t protects you from that but it can protect you from malicious extensions which could log your passwords and manipulate the websites you visit because the Chrome extensions gets automatically inactive during incognito web browsing. Hence, works great for PayPal and your online banking websites.

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