Instantly Expand, Resize & Zoom Videos On Most Websites

All video broadcasting websites provides you a full screen button. Some popular video websites like YouTube also provides you a theater mode option in addition to full screen that allows you to expand video size.Now today in this lesson you will learn about instantly zooming, switching fullscreen and resizing videos as per your will in your Google Chrome, Chromebook or Chromium web browser.

Universal VideoMaximizer is a simple, yet wonderful Chrome extension that allows you to instantly maximize the video without getting inside your browser’s window without getting into the option and titlebar less full screen.

You can resize the window and watch video in any size and it all works responsively.

Start by adding ‘Universal VideoMaximizer’ in your Google Chrome web browser.

Universal VideoMaximizer

Once added, the application activates its icon on the top right corner of Google Chrome’s screen. Right next to the address bar.

Universal VideoMaximizer 3

Clicking this icon while watching video on any website, expands it to full size in your web browser’s window without switching it to option less fullscreen.

You can resize your web browser’s window and the video will get automatically resized with in that.

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