How To Anonymously Browse Certain Web Pages Without Signing Out From Your Google Account ?

Instead of signing out from your personal device, alternatively you can easily visit certain web pages anonymously without signing off from your Google Account.

Simply open a new private browsing window and use it to access those web pages. All pages you browse and data which your download from the private browsing window, it never gets recorded in your browsing or download history.

How To Browser Privately In Google Chrome ?

  1. Click Chrome menu Chrome menu on the browser toolbar.
  2. Select New incognito window.
  3. New chrome window will open up with the incognito icon incognito icon in its corner.
  4. Now use this new window for private web browsing

How To Return Back To  Normal Web Browsing In Google Chrome ?

Simply close any incognito browser tabs you’ve opened.

Learn more about private browsing in ChromeSafariFirefox, and IE.

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