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How To Save Contact Form Messages In WordPress?

Whenever someone sends you a message using the contact form on your website, it is directly sent to your email address and not stored online on your website. In this process sometimes WordPress Website owners miss the email and so messages too. In this lesson, you will learn how you can store and access messages also from your admin area dashboard.

The most popular plugin for creating contact forms is Contact Form 7. There’s one more plugin called Flamingo, developed as an addon plugin for Contact Form 7, which doesn’t store submitted messages. But when you use the Flamingo plugin you would be able to store messages on your website too.

Storing Contact Messages In WordPress

To use the plugin, make sure that Contact Form 7 plugin is active on your website. Next, navigate to Plugins -> Add New page on your admin area dashboard to find and install the Flamingo plugin.

After activation, you will see the Flamingo in your admin area menu. There you will see that all new contact messages are listed in a searchable format. By using this plugin you no longer be losing contact messages due to server issues, missed emails, misconfigurations in your mail setup, etc.

Jetpack Plugin Also Has The Feature

Apart from this, you should also know that the Jetpack plugin also provides you with contact form functionality, and its messages are automatically stored on your admin area dashboard, you can access such messages from the admin section’s ‘Feedback’ menu.

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