Auto-Copy All Google Chrome Tabs (Links & Titles) To Clipboard

Now you know how to auto-suspend unused Google Chrome tabs or track and undo them. We have already discussed about managing all tabs from one place and also about hiding, saving, locking then restoring them anytime.

Now today this lesson is about a very useful feature you can enable in your Google Chrome or Chromium browser.

TabCopy is a simple, yet powerful and popular Google Chrome extension that allows you to copy all or selective tabs in your web-browser to clipboard so that you can paste them in your notepad and make use of them later.

So now no worries if your browser is getting slow with lots of tabs or you are rushing somewhere and you don’t want to loose this session or you want to copy links of some webpages to paste them in your email message or whatever. You can easily make use of TabCopy Google Chrome app in a few easy clicks.

Start by adding ‘TabCopy’ extension in your Google Chrome or Chromium browser.

Once extension is added, it automatically adds its icon next to web-address bar which can now be used to copy the selected tab title and URL to your clipboard.

Now take a note to these usage points:

  1. Make One Click: To copy the info of selected tabs of the current window.
  2. Make Two Clicks: To copy the info of all tabs of the current window.
  3. Make Three Clicks: To copy the info of all tabs across all windows.

Once Title(s) and URL(s) are copied to your clipboard, you may save them in your Google Chrome notepad app, on your local machine’s notepad or word-pad, in your email message, share it on any social media website, Tweet about it or whatever you like doing, anyways.

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