How To Transform Your Personal Facebook Profile Into A Fan Page ?

Yes you can easily convert your personal Facebook account into a Fan Page and moves profile photo, friends, wall posts and apps (But No other content will be moved) to your new Facebook Page by following few simple steps:

  1. Visit :
  2. Click your Facebook Page Type from Business, Cause or Community, Public Figure, Organisation, Company and there are more
  3. Now select your page category, you can edit your display name, tick ‘I agree to Facebook Pages Terms’ then click ‘Get Started‘ button.
  4. A confirmation popup will appear asking you for your password with link to download backup of all you Facebook content. It also shows you the number of posts, images etc that would be moved to your new page.
  5. Click ‘Confirm‘ button,  follow on screen steps.

After the process is complete Facebook automatically notifies all your friends (now fans) about your Facebook Page.

How To Revert Back Or Convert Your Business Account Into A Personal Account ?

Now this is not easy as above, you will be needing to complete a form if you’d like to convert your business account back to a personal account.

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