Facebook For Chrome Published Its Version 4

Facebook for Chrome extension just published its version 4. This extension provides you to with Facebook notifications, post statuses, share links, checkin, like & comment and more on your Chrome.


  1. Instant Notifier notifies you with new FB likes, status, comments and posts on your Facebook wall.
  2. Posting and Sharing allows you to update your status, post links, etc. You can post directly from the browser using this extension.
  3. Right Click Share allows you to share any link, picture and page by right clicking it and selecting “Share on Facebook” option.
  4. Comment and Like allows you to comment on Facebook right from your extension.
  5. Birthday Calendar show upcoming birthdays of your Facebook friends.
  6. Friend Filter helps you to search through your friends.

New Added Updates:

  • 1.3 Added a better login / logout system, including a logout button
  • 1.3.4 Added highlighting to new notifications, and some UI cleanup
  • 2.0 UI improvements
  • 3.0 MASSIVE loading speed increases, many new features
  • 3.1 Tons of fixes including better inbox support
  • 4.0 Revamped and simplified interface, tons of speed and bug fixes

Get Facebook for Chrome Extension here.

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