WordPress Screen Options Tutorial – How To Show Hide Widgets And Change Layout Of Admin Area Pages ?

WordPress screen options lets you show or hide stuff of different WordPress Admin Area Pages. Using Screen Options you can increase columns hide widgets, show more options etc. In this tutorial we will be discussing what you can do using screen options in WordPress on different admin area pages.

Screen Options button is present on the top right corner of WordPress dashboard, just below the Howdy.

Screen Options WordPress

Screen Options On Dashboard Home Page: Using Screen Options on Dashboard -> Home you can show-hide Right Now, Recent Comments,  Incoming Links,  Plugins, QuickPress, Recent Drafts, WordPress Blog,  Other WordPress News and Welcome widgets. Also you can change the screen layout by selecting number of columns.

Screen Layout On All Posts Page: On Dashboard -> Posts -> All Posts Page you can show-hide Author, Categories, Tags, Comments and Date. You can change number of posts (default is 20) to show on screen.

Screen Layout On Add New Post Page: On Dashboard -> Posts -> Add New Page you can show hide Format, Categories, Tags, Featured Image, Excerpt, Send Trackbacks, Custom Fields, Discussion, Slug Author widgets. Also you can change layout from 2 columns to 1 for increasing post box area.

Screen Layout On Categories and Tags Page: On Categories Page you can increase the listing and show-hide Description, Slug and Posts. same you can do on tags page.

Screen Layout On Media Page: You can change media listing and show-hide Author, Attached to, Comments and Date.

Screen Layout On Links Page: you can show-hide URL, Categories, Relationship, Visible and Rating. On Add New Link Page you can show hide Categories, Target, Link Relationship (XFN), Advanced and number of layout columns. On Link Categories Page you can change link listing and show hide Description, Slug and Links.

Screen Layout On Pages Section: You can change page listing and show-hide Author, Comments and Date. On Add New Page you can change screen layout (number of columns) and show-hide Page Attributes, Featured Image, Custom Fields, Discussion, Slug and Author.

Screen Layout In Comments Page: You can change number of comments to show on one page and show hide Author and In Response To.

These are the main WordPress Admin Area pages but you have screen option on various other pages also like in some of the plugin options page, in default WP menus page etc. So use it and remove unwanted stuff.

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