What WordPress Cache Plugin To Use? WP Super Cache Or W3 Total Cache?

WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache are two most popular cache plugins for WordPress websites. Both plugins are designed to generate cache of your website in order to make it fast and perform better on world wide web.

There are number of articles explaining you the pros and cons of these two plugins. But all are very complicated and confuses both new and expert WordPress users.

In this lesson you will be explained what cache plugin you should use on your website and how to select the one right for you.

In one simple sentence, if you are hosting your website on VPS or Dedicated Server then go for W3 Total Cache plugin. Otherwise go for WP Super Cache plugin. If that doesn’t ring a bell, read on.

W3 Total Cache provides you a lot more options, features and gives you more control but it is not only difficult for newbies to understand but requires more RAM and resources. Hence, when you use it on a shared hosting plan, it slows down your website instead of making it fast.

Whereas WP Super Cache is very easy to use. It simply provides you very fast caching engine that produces static html files. Hence, great for shared hosting users.

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