How To Display Daily Horoscopes In Your WordPress Site ?

If you like, you can display Daily Horoscopes in your WordPress site, using a sidebar widget. In this article we are discussing about two different widget plugins that allows you to do so. Both plugins does the same thing but their look and style is different.

Daily Horoscopes Widget

Daily Horoscopes Widget is a free WordPress widget plugin by DuncanMarshall. It allows you to display daily horoscopes by grabbing them from Its easy to use. install and activate it then visit Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets page and add its widget to your sidebar. The widget is highly customizable, you can change it size, name space, width, font, color etc.

WordPress Horoscopes

On the front end it shows a list of all signs, after you click on a sign it shows horoscope with next and previous days buttons and video thumbnails as you can see in the given screenshot.


This is another nice plugin for showing horoscope in WordPress sites. All you need is install, activate and add its widget to your sidebar. It needs no other configurations and doesn’t confuses you by giving more option.

horoscope plugin for WordPress

As soon you add its widget to sidebar, it starts showing sun signs with present horoscope, clicking on the sign immediately displays the information with starts and divisions, see the given screenshot.

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