Integrating Google Web Fonts With WordPress Theme Customizer

Not happy with fonts of your WordPress theme? Now you can add Google Font Customizer in your theme’s customization page and from there you can easily choose any Google web font for your website headings, post content like paragraphs and blockquotes etc. 

Google Web Fonts Customizer (GWFC) is an awesome font customizer authored by Chanif Al-Fath. The plugin automatically gets integrated with your theme customizer and provides you option to use custom web fonts in your WordPress site.

Start by installing and activating it in your WordPress site:


Upon activation visit your admin area dashboard Appearance -> Customize page and select your favorite font. The plugin also allows you to customize your theme’s font weight, style and color.

Main Features:
  • The plugin works with all WordPress themes.
  • It allows you to use Google Web Fonts into your WordPress theme’s typography.
  • Gets automatically integrated with WordPress Customizer live preview,
  • Hence, allows you to preview your typography change in realtime.
  • Enables you to change your font weight, font style and font color.

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