How To Create Slideshow Presentations In WordPress?

Now you can create powerpoint style presentations from your WordPresss site. You can create HTML5 slideshow presentations, host them and present them all from your admin area.

HTML5 Slideshow Presentations is an awesome WordPress plugin that enables you to create a presentation in no time using WordPress familiar built-in toolset and now there’s no need to upload presentations to slideshare after you’re done.

HTML5 Slideshow Presentations 1

You can host your own presentations and can easily share them with others. The presentation template is based on HTML5slides by Luke Mahé and Marcin Wichary. This plugin is designed with CSS3 & HTML5 and is compatible with all modern web browsers.

How To Create HTML5 Slideshow Presentations?

Install and activate HTML5 Slideshow Presentations plugin then visit your admin area dashboard HTML5 Presentations -> Add New page for creating a new presentation.

HTML5 Slideshow Presentations 2

You will be seeing your old familiar visual editor interface on this new slide editor screen. Additionally you will be noticing a HTML5 Slide Formatting metabox just below your content’s text area.

After publishing a slide you can repeat the process and add more slides to make a slideshow presentation but this time you will be needing to select a parent i.e. main slide. This is done from slide editing page by using the HTML5 Slide Attributes metabox.

From the drop down box, simply select the first slide as your presentation.

How To Display Presentations In WordPress?

HTML5 Slideshow Presentations 4

The plugin adds its new metabox on page edit screens. You can use it at the time of creating a new page or while editing old ones. What you have to do is use HTML5 Presentations metabox and select the presentation. Then finally, Publish/Update your changes.

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