How To Reach Twitter Followers From Facebook ?

Everybody know that Twitter allows you to connect your Facebook account so that you can auto publish your Tweets on your Facebook Profile or Page. This tutorial explains how you can do just opposite of it, you can connect your Twitter account with Facebook and autopublish your FB Public Posts on Twitter.

FB Follow Twitter Options

First login to your Facebook account and then follow the given steps:

  1. Visit your Facebook settings page
  2. Select Followers from the left menu bar
  3. From the Follower Settings page, click Connect a twitter account.
  4. Now click  Link profile to Twitter button, authorize the app and now you can individually select public Status Updates, Photos, Links, Video, Notes, Events to get automatically posted on Twitter. You can also Link Your FB Pages to Twitter.
  5. Finally click Save Changes button and that’s all.

Your Facebook Profile is now linked to your Twitter account. You can customize your settings further or unlink your Twitter account by visiting page.

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