How To Block Wayback Machine From Archiving Website Snapshots?

Now you can protect your dignity by blocking wayback machine from archiving your website’s snapshots and showing them to public.

What is Wayback Machine? The Wayback Machine provides a digital archive of World Wide Web and other Internet information created by the ‘Internet Archive’. It enables users to browse and see archived versions of any website across time, which the Archive calls a “three dimensional index.”

In this lesson you will learn about blocking Wayback Machine’s access on your website. This can easily be done with new WordPress plugin called Block Internet Archive.

The plugin simply blocks the access of Wayback Machine on your domain. Hence, the machine fails in saving periodic snapshots of your webpages on its servers.

To start using this plugin on your website, you simply need to install and activate it. That’s it, there are no configuration options to set. It immediately starts working upon activation.

The best time to activate this plugin is as soon as your website is launched online, before the Wayback Machine has a chance to crawl it.

If in-case the machine has already saved some snapshots of your website then activating this plugin will prevent public from accessing such existing snapshots and will prevent the Wayback Machine from creating new  snapshots of your website.

When the plugin is deactivated, all previously taken snapshots becomes accessible to public and your website again goes accessible for the Wayback Machine and it may create new snapshots.

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