Auto Suspend Unused Google Chrome Tabs To Free Up RAM & System Resources

You can free up RAM and system resources by automatically suspending tabs opened in your Google Chrome web-browser. Tabs can get auto-suspended after a set interval of time.

You can also whitelist tabs and avoid auto suspension. Suspended tabs can easily be retained by restarting the web-browser. Thus preventing reload of so many tabs after browser restarts.

The Great Suspender is a Google Chrome extension that reduces system resource usage for people who like to have big number of tabs open in browser at the same time.

Start by adding ‘The Great Suspender’ in your Google Chrome or Chromium browser.

Once extension is added it will start to automatically unload each tab retaining favicons and titles.

You can restore any tab by clicking anywhere on the page anytime in need. This way it reduces the number of dom elements on page and ensures no leak of memory and excessive JavaScripts.

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