Enhance WordPress Tag Archive Pages By Showing Related Excerpts From Wikipedia

With new WordPress plugin called Wikipedia for tag pages you can display tag related excerpts direct from Wikipedia to your blog’s tag archive pages. For Example: If you are using ‘WordPress’ as tag then the plugin will show a small description on WordPress (in specified language) on a sidebar widget by searching it on Wikipedia.

You can specify multiple languages for the widget to query using the Wikipedia’s API. The language that has an article that matches the tag has its article displayed.

Installation & Usage: Install and activate Wikipedia for tag pages. After activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets page and drag its widget to any widget area.

You keep only one language or add prioritized comma separated list of  languages to query. You can also add the number of results to show. Finally click widget’s Save button and that’s all. Visit any of your tag archive paged in the frontend and see how it looks like.

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