How To Use YouTube As Background Slider In WordPress?

There are many plugin for using images as background slider in WordPress but YouTube Background Slider is something different. It very easily enables you to slide YouTube videos or a complete playlist in background. See it live working here. The plugin provides you an effective and completely responsive YouTube video plugin. In seconds you can make YouTube videos to work as background slides and also you can provide a toggle bar at the bottom of the page for showing next and previous buttons, toggling playlist, pausing videos and a volume control.


  • Can set Playlist option (want to show or not) for player .
  • Can set Auto play for player to make it ON/OFF.
  • Can set random selection (first songs will be selected randomly on load) of songs.
  • Can set Repeat playlist option (Yes/No).

How To Use YouTube Background Slider?

Install and activate YouTube Background Slider plugin. Upon activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> YouTube Background Slider page and add your YouTube video URLs. You can also enable or disable options for Show Playlist, Auto Playing, Random Starting and Repeat the Playlist.

Earlier we have also discussed about playing a single YouTube video in background of your WordPress site.

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