Start Selling Websites And Make Money (8 Easy Steps)

In this tutorial we have made it very easy for you to start a business of selling websites online and offline. Every online business start with a domain name so first of all register a domain name for your website. 

Step-1 Register a domain name.

Purchase a domain name for your website. Why? This is your online address where your customers will find you in future.


Step-2 Buy Ultimate Hosting Plan

Purchase Ultimate Hosting Plan of . Why? It lets you host UNLIMITED DOMAINS & WEBSITES


Step-3 Get your website made by emailing to

How it works? You tell the basics on your website via an email interview.


After reviewing all your information the system at creates a website based on your instructions.

Step-4 Find your customers

People who need a website, blog, social network etc are your customers


Step-5 Tell them the minimum cost of their website 

Minimum Cost of a Website = Domain Cost + Hosting Cost + Development Cost


Step-6 Receive your payment.


Here how a payment should be utilized:

  1. Domain Cost: Goes to the domain registrar and ICANN (When you register a domain name)
  2. Hosting Cost: This is all your profit. It entirely depends on you how much you charge your customers for hosting their website on your ultimate hosting plan. Every time you sell a new website, hosting cost becomes all yours because one ultimate hosting is enough to host unlimited number of domains and websites.
  3. Development Cost: Goes to PayPal account of

Step-7: Finally, register your client’s domain name and get his website made

This time register a domain name for your client and email to get your client’s website made.


Step-8 Find more customers and repeat the process from step-5 to step-7.


Find more customer, register their domains and get their website made by

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