Walking Down Streets Can Also Make You Self Employed And Rich

Great people discuss their website and small people discuss about their page on other’s website.

Now you know how easy it is to create a website. But where to start from? You may simply start by walking into your street and asking individuals whether they have a website or not. Ask your friends, relatives etc and you will find most of them have no website. Yes, in a country like India, most people live without websites ;-)

So the good news is that you can earn a lot by making their websites and the very good news is creating a website is much easier than you think.

But the bad news is most of the people don’t know what is the use of a website in their busy life and the very bad news is website makers don’t even try explaining them the importance of own website.

Suppose you suggest someone to get his website made by you (and you fail)

Here’s an example of a failed conversation:

YOU: Do you have a website?

HIM: I don’t need any website.

YOU: So you are not on Internet

HIM: I am online. I use Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Email etc

YOU: If you don’t have a website then you are not online as being online actually means having a dynamic website of yours. It saves you from straying homeless on Internet.

Your website on own domain is your unique identity on the Internet. It is your permanent address on world wide web.

Owning a domain is like purchasing your own house.


HIM: OK OK I will think about it.

(Conversation Failed)

You should make your conversation easy and engaging like this one:

Here’s an example of a successful conversation:

YOU: Do you have a website.

HIM: No, I don’t need.

YOU: Yes, you really need a website but the problem is you still don’t know.

HIM: Why?

YOU:  Just like you need a house, a mobile, email account, etc. A website on own domain is a property every individual should own.

Every day I see you posting updates on Facebook, if you cross-post those stories from your blog, it will make some money for you.

HIM: Money? How?

YOU: There are various advertising agencies that let you to place ads on your website.

Internet is continuously growing bigger; I see your friends are always interested in knowing what’s happening in your life, that’s why they like your pictures on Facebook, they comment, they wish you happy birthday.

Let such online activities make some money for you.

HIM: So where to start from?

YOU: Hold this mobile and search a domain name and I will get your website made in the next few hours?

HIM: Sure, Thank you so much but I don’t know how to use it?

YOU:  This is easier than using a mobile phone. I will teach you.

(Conversation Successful)

So don’t worry about the rejection, keep trying new ideas on new people, try making yourself better every time and soon you will make some good customers.

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