Enable Rating & Version Compatibility Filters In WordPress Admin Area Plugin Search

Now you can sort out plugins from default WordPress admin area plugin search on the basis of star rating and WordPress version compatibility. New WordPress plugin PlugIntelligence lets you add a few filters that makes your plugin search more advanced and decreases the chance of installing any broken and useless plugins into your WordPress site.

You can set the search WordPress plugin rating and version by entering:

  1. What should be the Minimum Rating of plugin in search results ?
  2. What should be the Maximum Rating of plugin in search results ?
  3. What should be the Minimum WordPress Version on which the plugin is tested ?

Installation & Usage: Simply install and activate the plugin. After activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> Plugins -> Intel and set the rating and version filters. After setting up this use default WordPress plugin search from Dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New and it will only show you the plugin search results on the basis of your settings.

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