Occupy Movements Do not Lead Anywhere

Chaos supersedes everywhere in the name of democracy wherever people start supporting anything but not the actual program. Hong Kong protesters have occupied the Central and everybody getting enthusiastic about it has just cheered them for doing so. No one even bothered to know that actually where it is going on. Peace is social while privacy is personal but sacrificing both can only be emotional. 

Only a prosperous society could be loving the state of peace and only a prosperous person could be loving to have privacy intact but what about the societies of peoples, which are not getting prosperous. Involving them the occupy movements actually begun from USA itself, which is mistakenly being showcased as democratic model for Hong Kong that CPC has always opposed.

Egypt has failed this via Muslim Brotherhood and India also tried and failed with Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal. Governments love peace because of the favorable positions they enjoy but it is not always with the people involved. Still any protest that survives on the chaos and disorder can never bring in any order.

Occupy movements would not lead anywhere unless it is equipped with a functional program of spreading prosperity and any functional program of spreading prosperity does’t require any illegal occupation.

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