Search Privately Using Your Favorite Search Engine On Google Chrome

Now you can search anything privately using your favorite search engine on Google Chrome. No matter what search engine you use on your omnibar or address bar, whether it is Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other, you can use it anonymously and stop ISPs & websites from tracking your searches. 

Many websites and services use tracking scripts which tracks your online activity and use it for marketing purposes, that is why you see advertisements on websites which are very much related to your web searches.

Although, Incognito (private web browsing mode) is there on all web browsers but here’s a more handy way especially when you only want to make your web search private and anonymously browse all results.

Earlier we have discussed about turning off the web history on Google Chrome, now in this article we will show you how you can make your web search completely private.

Making Your Web Search Private

Start by adding Disconnect Search in your Google Chrome browser. It is a specialized VPN that allows you search privately on your favorite search engine.

Search data like log searches, IP addresses and other personal info is never logged by the extension.

Once the extension is installed, it starts showing its icon on the top right corner of Google Chrome (right next to the address bar).

Clicking this icon drops down a search box showing you options to select a search engine, type in keywords and easily perform anonymous web search.

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