Best Google Chrome Download Manager Apps

Ever thought of pausing, resuming or watching download progress with details and getting rid from the fat downloads shelf that pops on the bottom of your Google Chrome browser. 

Chrono Download Manager

The extension allows you to start and manage downloads with more controls in a more efficient way.

It gets integrated with Chrome’s default download manager, gets you rid from download’s shelf bar, shows you the download on a popup list, queue, pause, resume, restart or recycle your downloads.

Fruumo Download Manager

Works on Google Chrome & Chromium Based browsers.

Lets you pause, resume, stop, remove downloads. You can allow background downloads which works even after you close chrome.

It allows you to filter your downloads using the “Create Filter” setting on settings page. This way you can categorize all new downloads into various folders meeting the criteria for your filter.

It replaces that ugly download shelf and provides you with beautiful replacement UI for download bar in the top right corner.

There are more features like desktop notifications, multi-download from a single page, image previews for download and more.

Download Manager

With this app you can manage and interact with your downloads in some quick and easy way.

Provides you a nice, clean interface that pops (when clicked) on the top right corner of your browser to let you easily access and view downloads info. Right click context menu provides various download actions.

Download Master

Lets you to download all images, videos, pdf, doc and any other file linked on the web page you are visiting.

Downloadr – Download Manager

Removes the fat download shelf for good and lets you manage your downloads directly from your web browser’s toolbar.

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