Easily Fit Widgets For Specific Content Lengths In WordPress

Earlier we have discussed about preventing over grown sidebar height in WordPress. Now today in this lesson you will learn how to hide sidebar widgets to fit your website content. 

Fit My Sidebar is the new plugin that allows you to hide widgets for specific content lengths in your WordPress site.

The plugin provides you individualized configuration to show or hide sidebar widgets based on an estimate of content length using images and text. It allows user to configure up to 4 different measurements: short, medium, long, longer with any desired row length of content.

Afterwards you can configure each widget in your sidebars between these 4 options or set to any/all pages which is the default.

Start by installing ‘Fit My Sidebar’ plugin in WordPress

Upon activation visit your admin area dashboard ‘Relevad Plugins’ screen to set plugin options:

  1. Configure the 4 different categories of content length (short, medium, long, longer) Fit My Sidebar 1
  2. Configure the 4 different content length estimate parameters (chars-per-row, pixels-per-row, rows-for-featured, rows-per-img)
  3. Visit your admin area dashboard Appearance -> Widgets page and show options panel for the widget you want to hide.
  4. Now select any of the content length parameters from the dropdown.

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