Shardul Pandey Talks To Raymond Hogge, A Musician From ‘CODES’ Band


I welcome you Raymond at SANGKRIT, please tell our netizens about yourself ?

I was introduced to music at a very late age. Until the age of the ten, the only albums I remember being in my home were Michael Jackson’s ‘BAD’ and the soundtrack to The Good The Bad and The Ugly. It wasn’t until a cousin of mine introduced me to act such as Nirvana, Metallica and Smashin Pumpkins that my eyes were opened. Since then I’ve been so passionate about music, and mainly, guitar based bands.

Tell us something about your band members: Daragh Anderson, Niall Woods & Eoin stephens ?

Daragh’s a mean bowler. Eoin’s a excellent cyclist. And Niall will always kick my ass at Top Trumps.

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Where you all met and when exactly you guys decided to form a band together?

We’ve all known eachother for some time. Mainly through meeting at gigs and festivals. At some point, myself, Daragh and Eoin were chatting about all our favourite music, bands, setups etc.. and we just said, ” hey, we are all into the same stuff, why don’t we write some songs together”.
I hate the idea of saying “it was fate”, but we did gel together very quickly and it was pretty effortless.

And where did your band name come from ?

We do like our puzzles and games. That, and a short name looks huge on posters.

Which song are you most excited for people to hear from your second album?

Tough one. I can only speak for myself really, but there’s a track that seems like quite a different route for us. It’s very minimal. Especially drum wise. I call it the Indie-Urban-Electro Song.

Who were your biggest musical influences for your second album?

I guess we looked at a lot of our favourite band’s follow ups to their own debuts. We also listened to quite a few experimental bands. Especially those who wrote in unconventional time signatures. That really influenced certain elements of this album, however we still wanted to keep it appealing to everyone who was our first album.

Your album has a crowd-funding campaign so which crowdfunding perk do you wish you could keep for yourself ;-) ?

The “CODES Dine With Me” perk. I do love a good meal that I didn’t have to cook. Especially if I’ve got a welsh narration all the way through.

Do you have any plans for an international tour on your horizon?

Of course. We’ve had a lot of demand from our European fans and hopefully this time around, we’ll have the ability to bring our show our there.

What makes your endeavors unique ? What’s next for you?

I don’t believe we’re unique. I guess we simply try to do what’s right for us. It seems to work so far.

Next we’re going to hopefully complete this album, shoot out a single soon and release the album in early 2014.

What does success mean to you?

Just having the ability to keep playing and writing music. Especially if we can keep doing it in a new place every day.

What is your ultimate message for netizens ?

Sometimes it’s the smallest actions that can create the biggest reactions. Always keep doing what you love.

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You Can Support CODES In Making Their Second Studio Album

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