Directory Of Links For Quickly Deleting Your Online Web Accounts

JustDelete.Me is a cool service that provides you a directory of links directing you towards delete your account pages of popular online services and social media websites.

It also provides you stats on how hard it is to delete your account from a web service like every site and its account deletion process is different. Some website provides really simple deletion process, some includes various steps, some cannot be fully deleted without contacting customer-services and some cannot be deleted by any how. JustDelete.Me provides you info on each type of deletion process.

How To Use ‘Just Delete Me’ For Deleting Your Online Accounts ?

Its simple, quick and very easy. First of all visit JustDelete.Me then use then click the name of the service.

Just Delete Me

For Example: Suppose, if you want to delete your eBay account then scroll and look up for eBay name on the page, click it and you will be directed to your eBay account delete page.

Google Chrome Extension: It also provides you a Chrome Extenion extension which adds a traffic light icon to your omnibar. It indicates the difficulty level in removing your account on the website your browsing.

Upon clicking that icon you will be directed delete account page of that particular website. Colour Key:

  • Green – Simple process
  • Block – Cannot be deleted
  • Yellow – Some extra steps involved
  • Red – Cannot be fully deleted without contacting customer-services

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