Increasing Internet usage can upgrade education everywhere as world-class so that everyone will sure be getting that world-class education in complete freedom. Therefore collaboratively configuring and validating fluid courses in dominant web-technologies free as in freedom, we are improving Internet life to make education open, free, fluid and live.

We Are Improving Internet Life

We repeatedly run out of our resource limit due to continuously growing numbers of netizens from all countries visiting our domain. Now crowd-funding is the way ahead. We are not afraid of it but are more than willing to learn via this humbling that what is permitted here and what not. Open-sourcing and crowd-funding are inherent characteristics of Internet.

Reciprocating your interest no other perks could do better than public freedom to read us for free whenever someone needs to know something. Concurrently we hit almost:

  • 2,567,073+ monthly page views via 558,059+ visitors
  • 30,804,870+ yearly page views via 6,696,711+ visitors
  • 68,600+ Google Possibilites

View Complete Report here and Alexa web ranking here. We work 24×7 and all the time create better technology tutorials, encouraging newbie developers by reviewing their plugins and apps for free, interviewing Internet entrepreneurs (view example) who are working on some unique idea on their domain for enhancing utility of Internet.

And Now We Need Your Participation

We have been online for 3 years & 3 months, getting popular up to extent of reaching our resource limits so now need your participation

  • for expanding our resource limits to keep us free forever
  • for improving our globally distributed pattern of webcasting
  • for making web-authors much more focused by paying them better
  • for facilitating other utilities on Internet to benefit from popularity of

to make more supportive to other great projects at Sangkrit.Net like:

  • Universal Free Education System that can upgrade education everywhere as world-class even upon simple usage by end-users so that everyone will sure be getting that world-class education in complete freedom..
  • Ultimate Political Machine for running Direct Democracy abolishing all representations.
  • Internet Checkup Center of Top Level Domains at Home Page of Sangkrit.Net
  • Mega-Universe of inter-related Private Networks where netizens may themselves create their own powerful networks like facebook and twitter in just a few clicks.

You may contact for any more information. Contacting us or contributing for us requires only one address. That is as our absolute message to all netizens as well as our preferred way of communication via e-mail and transaction via PayPal.

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