Basic Building Blocks For Your WooCommerce Online Store

WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin that empowers everyone to start an e-commerce store on own without hiring any developer. You can yourself start your new e-commerce website or transform your existing WordPress website into an online store in minutes.

The basic building blocks for a WooCommerce store are:

  • A Domain Name
  • WordPress Installation on Hosting or Managed WordPress
  • The free WooCommerce plugin, installed and activated via plugin installer. – See how
  • A free or premium WooCommerce theme for design/looks and WooCommerce Extensions/Plugins to add more features and functionality – See how

WooCommerce is free WordPress extension so all you need to have is WordPress installed on your own domain name and you are ready to go. Read this tutorial to learn how you can start a WooCommerce website in three easy steps.

This is the best budget option for netizens who value the ability to customize and manage their websites with full access and control of everything.

Domain names and hosting are inexpensive, and with WooCommerce you won’t feel the need to hire any web developer to set up your website, you can do it all yourself and when needed you can very affordably subscribe programming power via on per hour basis.

Managing own website is not everyone’s need – for them, is the worry-free solution. But building a WooCommerce store — and learning a little about its management can give you a rewarding, future-proof adventure in the field of e-commerce and business websites because then you would be able to manage your website independently on your own and can also make money by helping others in their websites.

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