10 Facts About Dedicated Server That Makes It An Ultimate Choice For Startups

Dedicated Server provides you the resources, functions and capabilities of one entire server, which is shared with no one else. Hence you will always have enough memory, bandwidth and resources to handle exponential amounts of traffic, processing and scripts. It is more reliable and secure than shared hosting plans.


#1 Dedicated Server are not shared. Hence, Performance is far better than shared hosting plans & VPS.  Crunch numbers at ridiculous speeds with the latest generation Intel® Xeon® processors.

You are provided with all resources of the server you own. It gets you a better website loading time, better server response, quick processing of scripts and everything else to run a website successfully on Internet, manage all traffic and functions independently.

#2 You can Shutdown & Restart your server. You can shut it down and restart just like your personal computer.

#3 You can Destroy & Rebuild your server. It also provides you destroy and rebuild option that restores your server to default factory purchased state, just like other computing machines .

#4 New softwares can be installed via command line. Dedicated Servers are flexible enough with command line to install new software and applications. Unlike to shared hosting plans, on a dedicated server you can install new softwares manually.


For instance: Suppose you are planning to start a video broadcasting website and you need FFMPEG as a prerequisite. On a shared hosting plan it is impossible to manually install it but on a Dedicated Server you can set it up working as per your requirement.

#5 No need of purchasing addon products and security (only available on SANGKRIT.net servers). Dedicated Servers of SANGKRIT.net comes packed with all useful products such as a Domain Name, Dedicated IP Address, SSL Certificate, SiteLock Security, Email Plans, Premium DNS and more.

#6 You can manually allocate resource package for each website. When your shared hosting plan starts to hit resource usage, you are asked to purchase more RAM and resources in order to keep your website up and running with no errors. But incase of a Dedicated Server you can manually allocate the resource package for each website via WHM cPanel.

#7 Dedicated Servers are build to grow with you and your clients. When new clients come beating down your door, you can upgrade plans anytime without having to re-provision.


#8 Keep your data looking good with disk mirroring. You can maximize performance and protect your data with complete RAID 1 disk mirroring on the servers of SANGKRIT.net

#9 Access that makes you feel like a VIP (only available on SANGKRIT.net servers). You can edit your server files, install CMSs, shopping cart applications, launch webstores, setup programming and development frameworks and more using visual UI. You can do it all with root (administrative) access.

Linux based Dedicated Server hit the ground running with the industry- standard control panel (cPanel) you already know and like.

#10 Online server management team (only available for SANGKRIT.net servers). To take care of your server so that you rather spend your time in developing your business and finding new clients.

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