Common Website Issues That Won’t Happen On Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers can be compared to owning a house. It provides you access to all available resources. No other websites resides on your server so you get complete control with better performance and security.

In this lesson we are discussing about the issues which are very common on shared hosting plans but won’t happen on Dedicated Servers.

Website Performance Issues

The common issue on shared hosting plans is poor website performance and server downtime. This generally won’t happen on websites hosted on a Dedicated Server.


On a Dedicated Server you can also take benefits of W3 Total Cache and similar plugins to increase the performance of your website without getting errors of over consumption of PHP memory and RAM etc.

Slow Response & Loading Time Issues

Websites hosted on Dedicated Servers responds faster than websites running over shared hosting plans.

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In-case of shared hosting plans, other websites make use of same resources and a lot of traffic can be generated which could consume hosting resources such as bandwidth and RAM and this leads to slow response and loading time.

Limitation to install new software

Unlike to shared hosting plans there are no limitations on installing new software and applications.


Owner may install new software via command line and configure them as per their needs.

Various Security & Hacking Issues

Dedicated Servers are more secure. On shared hosting, the company may install firewall and security software which might be good but in-case of dedicated server you can choose and setup your own security applications.


It provides you complete control over security programs you install and since you are the only one owner on the server, there are less chances of acquiring viruses, malware injections etc.

Risk of Getting Blacklisted

On a shared hosting plans there is more of a risk of getting blacklisted by search engines due to some other website on the server engaging in bad practices such as spamming, phishing etc. The reason is all websites use same IP address. On a dedicated server, you get your own unique IP.


On a dedicated server, you can also sure that you aren’t sharing your resources with a user with malicious website. Dedicated Server provides you with enhanced security, particularly important for startups and companies handling sensitive data and transactions via SSL etc.

Often Server Crashes & Downtime Issues

Going for a Dedicated Sever provides you guarantee for maximum i.e. 99.9% uptime for your websites.


Shared hosting are fine for small websites with low to medium web traffic. And when your website (and sometimes other websites hosted on the same server) starts to receive a lot traffic, the server crashes becomes the most common issue.

Whereas in-case of Dedicated Servers you get more stability and reliability than shared hosting options.

Backups & Restore Options

Most shared hosting plans (excluding hosting options) doesn’t provides you backup and restore option.


Whereas Dedicated Servers provides you automatic and manual backup option so that you can keep copies of latest version of your websites safe on your server.

Important Applications & Software

When you purchase a Dedicated Server on, you not only get a server but a team of programmers online to help you manage your server.


This is not all but you also get free extras such as SSL Certificate , SiteLock which is now the best & most popular security and malware scanner, 1-Click application installer, security addons, website monitoring and support from the experts.

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