WPMS Admin Reports: New Reporting Tool For WordPress Multisite Administrators

WPMS Admin Reports is the brand new WordPress plugin made for multisite networks. It provides you a reporting tool accessible by multisite administrators. It gives you three reports and a dashboard that gives you a quick snapshot view of the health of your WordPress Multisite installation. All of the tables are client-side sortable using jQuery and tablesorter. It includes graphical indicators (smiley faces) to help easily identify problem sites, users and plugins.

Install and activate WPMS Admin Reports. After activation you may access the reports from network admin dashboard.

Dashboard – provides charts displaying multiple factors from the other three reports in a graphical way using radar and pie charts.

Site Report – Detailed information about each site in your installation like Errors, ID, Status (Up/Down), Last Post, Last Update, When Created, Current Template, Number of Users and lists the Primary Administrator.

User Report – Gives you detailed information about each user in your installation.

Plugin Report – Lists all installed plugins and provides information about each one. Includes information such as Name, Upgradeability, Status, Activation Site-wide, Total Number of Blogs that use it and a list of those blogs.

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