What Is A Breadcrumb And Why You Should Use It In Your Website?

The term ‘Breadcrumbs’ generally confuses both new and old bloggers who are not the web developers, many people know breadcrumbs only by face but don’t know what actually it is and how it works. Breadcrumbs are very good functions, both for your website visitors and also for the SEO and the results displayed on search results page. Even Google has a separate team for breadcrumb.

What is a Breadcrumb?

Breadcrumbs simply enables you, your visitors and also the search engines to determine the structure of your website. Given screenshot shows an example of breadcrumb (taken from Google):

A breadcrumb

A breadcrumb is a trail or say a set of links which shows navigation route and can helps a user understand and navigate your website’s category hierarchy as shown in the above screenshot.

Read what Google says about breadcrumbs.

How To Enable Breadcrumb In WordPress?

There are many themes which provides you breadcrumbs by default and some SEO plugins also contains breadcrumb modules but the easiest and most popular way if adding breadcrumbs in WordPress is Breadcrumb NavXT which is free and the most popular WordPress plugin for enabling breadcrumbs.

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