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What Are Business Specific Domain Names And How To Register Them?

Business-specific domain extensions are a new series of TLDs that go beyond the typical .com, .org, .net, etc. These are category-based such as .HEALTH, .STORE, .SPACE, and so on. The benefit of these domain extensions is that when they are combined well with the SLD (domain name), it gives your business a better and complete identity on the internet.

What do TLDs & SLDs mean?

TLD is the part of the domain name that comes after the dot whereas SLD is the part that comes before the dot.

For example: In the domain name, Sangkrit is SLD and .net is TLD.

Now category-based TLDs let you enhance your uniqueness on the internet by offering you a domain name that can be easily available; as there are a lot more availabilities than typical domain extensions, and can be easy to remember and relate to.

For example: Anyone planning to teach online may use a domain extension of .EDUCATION or .GURU.

How many category-based TLDs are there? How you can find the one for yourself?

There are many category-based domain types available and you can easily find the one that suits best your industry or business field. This can be done simply by visiting the Bulk Domain Registration page at and there you will see all TLDs listed with the tick box option.

Simply use this domain registration page for finding and registering different TLDs. Once the domain name is registered you can easily start your website with Managed WordPress or WordPress Ecommerce.

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