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Protecting Domain Names That Are Not Eligible For Whois Privacy

You have learned how you can protect your domain names and why it is so important. But do you know that there are some domain extensions that are not available for privacy protection in general? This lesson guides you in protecting such domain names.

Domain extensions such as .US .IN .CO.IN .DE, etc, there is a long list. These domains are not available for privacy protection but the ‘Domain Ownership Protection’, a privacy option explained in this lesson lets you protect these domain names too.

Domain Ownership Protection is a standalone protection plan available at that allows you to guard domain names that aren’t eligible for domain privacy.

How to use Domain Ownership Protection?

The domain name ownership protection is offered at the time you register or transfer your domain name to You simply need to tick the box and it will be added during the transfer or registration process.

Secondly, if you have already registered or transferred your domain name at, and you have not added any privacy but now after seeing the benefits you now want to add then follow these steps:

  1. Simply log in to your account
  2. Visit the ‘My Products’ page, and click the ‘Domains’ section
  3. You can now add it to the domain name you would like to add privacy to, you will see that there is an option for it.

It also offers other protection options such as protection towards domain name expiration, it holds your domain name if it gets expired or when you turn on the auto-renew option but your credit card expires before the domain renewal date.

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