How To Pick Best Domain Names For Your Websites & Blogs?

Selecting a good domain name or say right domain name for any website is a very essential step to success. Small and easy domain names are better than long and difficult word names.

Domain is the real brand of your business

Likewise everything is coming to Internet and hence the domain names are becoming the real brands of businesses growing online. From to and even are known from their domain names.

Points To Consider While Picking Up Your Domain Name?

Extensions: First Try for the Originals like .COM .NET .ORG

First think of a domain name, you would most likely think a .COM domain name. .COM .NET & .ORG are the most popular domain extensions. They gets popular on web more quickly unlike to other unpopular domain extension. And also Google PR, Alexa and other web ranking programs take a very long time to give details on domain names like .TK, the reason is .TK is not much popular.

But it doesn’t mean to limit yourself. Get the extension which suits your website most. For example: choosing a .CO extension for an organization looks odd. On the other hand if your website is an informational site then getting a .INFO won’t hurt but at the same time .COM becomes a plus as generally the users type .COM without thinking what it is.


Good keywords play very good roles like they assist domain in ranking higher in the search engine. Sometime its very hard to find good keyword domains but as the internet is increasing, new things are coming out, so the possibilities of keywords is also increasing. Hence use your creativity and get a keyword in the domain specially if you are a blogger.

But keywords also has many limitations in long runs.

Good Keywords become Bad Keywords in very long runs:

As time changes, new things come out and old things get killed like Google Buzz. For example: Today nobody uses Orkut an hence all domains like orkutttricks**.com etc are trashed.

If you are a blogger you should be very serious while choosing a domain name. Think twice before choosing a domain name and think about the topic of your blog. For example: keywords prefixed domains are good for SEO and driving targeted traffic (like for WordPress bloggers can go for or something) but in future it wouldn’t be easy for them to change the blogging category.

In easy words: can rebrand its website as a blogging site but cannot change its blogging topic to WordPress. So better don’t underestimate the process of picking the domain.

Another disadvantage of keyword used domains is that in most cases the blog dies with the blogger. Keeping the keywords personal or meaning less is very good in very long runs.

Domain Registrars

There are many domain registrars offering you domain registration at very cheap rates. But be careful as many others are scams, it has been found that many domain registrars sells domains on very low rates so the users registers the domain for long periods and then they disappears after a few month. Therefore be careful. But we are already here, you can safely register a domain from our award-winning domain service.

One more think, Try Not To Go With Well Known Domain Registrars as sometimes they take very long to respond to their customers.

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