Top 5 Cloud Apps To Create Amazing Websites In Minutes

WordPress is the most popular website building & publishing platform and provides you a powerful cloud infrastructure with Apache, MySQL & PHP support and makes it possible for you to self-host your WordPress site with all those plugins you want. It also provides you various other cloud applications you may use for creating other kinds of websites in minutes (without any coding knowledge). In this tutorial we are listing some powerful, free and premium applications you can use on to bring your website online in minutes.

[heading size=”17″]WordPress[/heading]

WordPress is a free software you can use for creating beautiful websites and blogs. It is both free and priceless at the same time but even then for self-hosting WordPress you will need a paid hosting plan. Installing WordPress on a web hosting means first downloading its ZIP from then uploading and extracting its files to your webserver via FTP, creating a MySQL database, database user & password then configuring its host and running the installation wizard.

But just don’t worry about all these steps because provides a ONE CLICK WORDPRESS INSTALL BUTTON on each and every hosting plan. It doesn’t matter whether you go for’s regular web hosting, special WordPress hosting, a VPS or a dedicated server; everywhere you will find a one click WordPress install button to bring your website online in minutes, click here to see how it works.

[heading size=”17″]BuddyPress[/heading]

BuddyPress is a free but very powerful WordPress plugin which transforms your WordPress site into a fully functional social networking website. You cay use it for creating a Facebook-Twitter style social network for you company, business, school, organization or a network for your family, friends circle etc.

It provides you all social networking features like activity streams, member profiles, private and public messages and much more. You can use BuddyPress after creating your WordPress site here and then installing it from the admin user interface. See how it works.

[heading size=”17″]Quick Shopping Cart[/heading]

Creating an online store is now very easy. Start by choosing a design then add your products and start selling online. Quick Shopping Cart is one complete package for starting a professional web store. It provides you rich features to easily create and manage your web store. With Quick Shopping Cart you can select an e-Commerce design then add all your products and info to start your online selling business. It has a number of design options to customize your web store and make it fit your style.

[heading size=”17″]Website Builder[/heading]

Website Builder is a complete online user friendly application for creating beautiful static websites. It comes packed with everything you need to create a website of your dreams. It provides you 300+ templates with 2,000+ design options, 70+ pre-built websites and FREE stock images. It has an in-built photo gallery option and the website builder gives you an easy drag-and-drop interface for creating your website yourself in very less time.

[heading size=”17″]Malware Scanner & SSL Certificate[/heading]

After creating your websites, you can secure it with a malware scanner. It is a SiteLock which protects your web investment, keeping you and your customers safe from hackers and other online threats. It scans your website, automatically removes malware and back-end files to keep your site from being disabled or blacklisted by search engines.It comes packed with various useful features including Daily malware scan, Database protection, Automated attack blocking, SiteLock Trust Seal, Search engine blacklist monitoring, CAPTCHA security, Eliminates comment spam, Security alerts, Unlimited expert support and Money-back guarantee.

SSL Certificate: Most website owners don’t know the importance of SSL Certificates. SSL means Secure Sockets Layer.

Using a SSL Certificate you can protect transactions and your customer data. SSL is the backbone of secure Internet browsing. The main reason of using SSL is to keep your sensitive information safe and encrypted across world wide web so that only the intended recipient can understand it. For more information take a quick tour of SSL certificate here.

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