Easily Create World Class Resume On Cloud In Less Than 5 Minutes

Now you can create beautiful world class resumes online in just a few minutes without sending a penny anywhere. Represent.io is an awesome web service where you can quickly setup your resume in a more beautiful and easier way. The service stores all your information securely in the cloud and allows you to easily update everything.

The service provides you resume framework created by world class designers and you can easily yourself in just a few clicks can change layout, color and theme etc. They look great on small screen mobile devices too. Many other cool amazing feature updates are coming soon that will enhance your experience by providing you a beautiful resume more easily.

Resume on cloud

How to start creating your resume?

You can easily get stared by visiting Represent.io website and clicking ‘Get Started’ button. Now log into and create your resume.

There are various optional sections that normally go to the CV.  Like name, professional field, and summary of your experience, education, and specific skills, contact information etc.

Resume on cloud 2

After you fill all required fields and sections, you can select design layout of your resume you are creating. Also you can upload your image and there are more options. Finally when you are done, publish your CV and then it creates your URL slug using your username and publishes your resume.

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