Top 10 Google Chrome Apps For Better Time Management

Most of Internet users are usually so immersed into their laptops that they forget to finish other important tasks on time. In this article we are listing some good Google Chrome applications that lets you do better time management, take breaks, know your goals, access dates, calendar and planner of any year instantly in a click. 

My Time Organizer

Organizer that lets you manage your time adding notes, events and tasks in an easy, intuitive way.


Replaces your ‘new-tab’ page with a real-time counter showing your current age.

World Clocks

World Clock. It displays multiple world clocks that you can add, remove, sort and edit.

FoxClocks is another app for same purpose but it shows you time in a bar at the bottom of your web browser.

Simple Time Track

A simple time tracking aplication for Google Chrome (inspired by jTrack). You can add new tasks, tracking your time on each of them – everything is Browser / session only.

Break Helper

Reminds you to take a break, because breaks are good for your health and productivity.

Goal Reminder

Reminds you of your goals in life while wasting your time in the internet.

Todoist: To-Do list and Task Manager

Leading online to-do list and task manager.

Google Tasks Panel

You can access the “built-into-Gmail” Google Tasks Panel everywhere, inside your Google Chrome Browser.

Progress Bar Timer

Make general purpose trackers: progress bars that count time, dates, and anything you want.

Calendar and Countdown

Show a full year calendar and count down to any number of dates. Add notes and colors to days, and check the distance between them.

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