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Leninism, World-Wide-Web And Boson Carried Same Swiss Ingredient

Swiss contribution to the world has been most wonderful.

Sangkrit appreciates Switzerland for exclusively circumventing unnecessary industrialization and avoiding all untoward effects for successfully sustaining own ecosystem. This could help the political economy everywhere in formulating domestic road-map of growth through internet age.

Apart from Geneva Conventions, peculiar Swiss environment unearthed strangest things to this world in its peculiar way. Money made everywhere used to get deposited in the most reliable Swiss bank accounts, which have been very dependable to the global humankind very much like Swiss watches. Likewise Leninism, world-wide-web and boson carried same Swiss ingredient i.e. Geneva.

Leninism got made at Geneva for effectively implementing Marxism, which was born before that in Germany. World-Wide-Web got made at Geneva for effectively implementing Internet, which was born before that in USA. Discovery of candidate boson got made at Geneva for effectively studying boson, which was theoretically formulated by Satyendranath Bose.

World-Wide-Web and candidate boson were born at CERN in Geneva while the office of the central committee of Russian Social Democratic Party was located at Russian Library in Geneva. Swiss contribution to the world has been most wonderful.

Free Software Programmers Must Not Get Taxed

GPL is like licensing humanity.

Sovereign states used to control technology. Thus they used to determine discrimination among peoples of different countries. That is how the education of upheaval and economy of displacement that began with industrial revolution had enhanced immigration up to extreme ultimately resulting in concurrent trends like Trumpism but free software movement made a new beginning long back by unleashing technology forever in public domain, followed by the invention of world-wide-web inspired by GPL at CERN that is now changing the world forever.

The room at CERN where web was weaved.

That free software effect is consistently growing into a whole new world order. Sangkrit as collaborative collective upon world-wide-web, would ultimately be consisting of only personal outlets independently functioning via personal apps. Most of them are run by free software programmers selling online support in addition. What they do makes humankind progress very rapidly so free software programmers must not get taxed if they independently practice professionally.

Consolidating a public opinion across all countries alike acknowledging this can compel many governments comply with this insistence of Sangkrit. Automated transportation, robotic labors, artificial intelligence and augmented reality almost every sphere of human progress would get enhanced by coding under GPL. Coding under GPL is like licensing humanity so taxing free software programmers would only be unwise.

Free Software Effect Had Ascertained The Freedom Of World-Wide-Web

No how less than Linus Benedict Torvalds was influenced at beginning, founder of World-Wide-Web Tim Berners-Lee was also inspired by Richard Matthew Stallman. Very much like the Linux kernel, World-Wide-Web was about to get released under GPL. He made a request to CERN for doing so. Although before CERN made its mind, he himself switched his request on the basis of an afterthought that big corporations such as IBM would become averse to the process due to licensing issues and finally brought it free in public domain like it has been.

It was the free software effect of free software movement that has actually ascertained the freedom of world-wide-web. Indeed RMS left the greatest impact upon digital era, a lot-lot more than most widely used GPL.