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What Is To Be Done?

Set the homepage of your browser to http://system.sangkrit.net for making websites and start helping everyone around you as people’s personal outlet.

Nikolai Chernyshevsky’s novel of this title published in 1863 telling the stories of the new people was favorite of Lenin, who wrote his pamphlet under the same title in 1902. What is to be done has been the eternal question follwing everyone everywhere but its answer becomes different at every stage of evolution. Still answering this everytime you combat coercion. Coercion establishes apartheid as all apartheid has been coercive by nature. Eliminating all that is the hacktivist task everywhere.

Cooperation confirms the hacktivist politics diminishing all coercion by integrating humankind into humanity as a whole. The hacktivist movement has been an emerging class movement. This, by helping all the people to let everyone #OccupyWebspace, can make a mass movement around itself and become invincible forever.

When people across all countries alike #OccupyWebspace by developing publicly useful domains at http://system.sangkrit.net to get globally distributed through android apps via system@sangkrit.net then SANGKRIT.net accumulates a global exposure that is sold to let a few people get globally glorious.

Through this smartphone stage of internet age it is #OccupyWebspace for 99% and #GetGloballyGlorious for 1%. Set the homepage of your browser to http://system.sangkrit.net for making websites and start helping everyone around you as people’s personal outlet by charging reasonably.

People’s Personal Outlets Possess The Most Powerful Thing

Having the ideas, to make a program that works, is the supreme thing ever made.

The man considered as most powerful ever throughout the history of the political power is Stalin but the question is that what he considered as the most powerful thing ever. Whom he respected and why?

He respected Lenin utmost but the main question is that what Stalin actually respected about Lenin? There may be many more questions leading to same objective answer. Like what Stalin valued most? What Stalin did actually fear? What Stalin wanted his sons to master at? What Stalin actually disallowed his enemies to have?

All these querries could get satisfied in a single sentence. Having the ideas to make a program that works. We do have that. We are indeed equipped with that most powerful thing on planet earth that can drive the most of unprecedented manpower.

People’s personal outlets possess that power. Sangkrit is such a program leading the greatest ever movement #OccupyWebspace as more than three billion people have registered their domain names to own the internet age by now.

Unlike animals humankind make private property. Registering and developing a domain is the latest of its kind. Everybody could and should get involved into this by signing up for free SANGKRIT.net account making this the movement of everyone for everyone. Upgrading humankind into smartphone stage of internet age is the universal task.

#OccupyWebspace Is The Greatest Ever Movement Going On

Become a netizen and occupy webspace. All netizens through the internet age are equal. They own their domains.

Their is no better way to protest or prosper than owning your domain.

Start by registering relevant domain names at http://system.sangkrit.net and occupy necessary webspace for business, free press and online memorials. Sangkrit has made this a movement. Occupy webspace is the greatest ever movement going on. You become an equal netizen.

It is all about getting your rightful place within internet industry that is defining the internet age. Entire internet is distributed into the newest kind of private property i.e. called top level domains.

Their is no better way to protest or prosper than owning your domain.

Occupy Movements Do not Lead Anywhere

Chaos supersedes everywhere in the name of democracy wherever people start supporting anything but not the actual program. Hong Kong protesters have occupied the Central and everybody getting enthusiastic about it has just cheered them for doing so. No one even bothered to know that actually where it is going on. Peace is social while privacy is personal but sacrificing both can only be emotional.  Continue reading Occupy Movements Do not Lead Anywhere

Internet is the movement and humanity is moved

Human-being wants to remain anonymous just to avert the tyranny of states while at the same time wishing to re-occupy the planet Earth just to prevent precious resources of humanity from getting wasted in the hands of states. It is humanity that has moved subsequently once Internet has become its movement. Now nothing can ever stop it from going on forever.