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Increase Your Website Security With Domain Name Security Extensions

Domain Name Security Extensions (DNSSEC) increase your website’s security by authenticating the origin of the DNS data. It is a powerful DNS option that activates another level of security to your domain name and website by adding a digital signature record known as DS to the DNS information.

How to use DNSSEC?

You can use it by upgrading to Premium DNS and then you can enable DNSSEC in your account.

How to upgrade to Premium DNS and use DNSSEC?

  1. Visit your domain portfolio on your products page at Sangkrit.net
  2. Select the domain name and open its management
  3. Select the option to subscribe and add the Premium DNS
  4. You can now enable DNSSEC over your domains

All you need to do is enable DNSSEC and the system will take care of the zone signing process on your behalf. There are no complex options to set like general DNS and self-managed DNSSEC which is used when you are not using Sangkrit.net nameservers.

There are some country code domain names such as .IN .US .DE that doesn’t work with secondary DNS, those users may use the Domain Ownership Protection option with Website Security.

How To Protect Domain Names Not Eligible For Whois Privacy?

You have learned how you can protect your domain names and why it is so important. But do you know that there are some domain extensions that are not available for privacy protection in general? This lesson is going to help you in protecting such domain names.

Domain extensions such as .US .IN .CO.IN .DE, etc, there is a long list. These domains are not available for privacy protection but the ‘Domain Ownership Protection’, a privacy option explained in the previous lesson lets you protect these domain names too.

Domain Ownership Protection is a standalone protection plan available at Sangkrit.net that allows you to guard domain names that aren’t eligible for domain privacy.

How to use Domain Ownership Protection?

The domain name ownership protection is offered at the time you register or transfer your domain name to Sangkrit.net. You simply need to tick the box and it will be added during the transfer or registration process.

Secondly, if you have already registered or transferred your domain name at Sangkrit.net, and you have not added any privacy but now after seeing the benefits you now want to add then follow these steps:

  1. Simply log in to your Sangkrit.net account
  2. Visit the ‘My Products’ page, and click the ‘Domains’ section
  3. You can now add it to the domain name you would like to add privacy to, you will see that there is an option for it.

It also offers other protection options such as protection towards domain name expiration, it holds your domain name if it gets expired or when you turn on the auto-renew option but your credit card expires before the domain renewal date.

Building Your Online Store On .SHOP Domain Name

.Shop is a generaic top level domain name that anyone can register to build his store online, it is well suitable for shop owners and people who want to sell online.

You can easily register it at Sangkrit.net with WordPress Ecommerce to build your online store yourself. With these two products you don’t need anybody or anything else except some time to setup your ecommerce store.

The WordPress Ecommerce at Sangkrit.net saves you from all hassles of installation and setup, you can directly login to dashboard and start managing your website.

How To Register .SHOP Domain Name With WordPress Ecommerce?

  1. Visit http://system.sangkrit.net
  2. Type the name you wish to register with .shop extension
  3. Click the select button next to the domain you wish to register
  4. Visit WordPress Ecommerce page
  5. Select WordPress Ecommerce plan
  6. Click Proceed to Cart button
  7. Checkout

Upon successful checkout, your products will be visible on your Sangkrit.net account’s products page. There you click the ‘Manage’ button next to Managed WordPress and it will let you connect your domain name with WordPress and login to your ecommerce website.

How To Protect Your Domain Names From Domain Hijack Or Domain Theft?

Establishing strong domain ownership is important to keep all your websites safe and secure as unethical hackers can attempt to transfer the ownership of your domain to someone else name and gain control over it. The act is called domain hijack or domain theft.

Domain hijacking or domain theft is the act of changing the registration of a domain name and transferring it to someone else without the permission of its original registrant. A domain owner should be aware of this act and must take preventive measure to keep all his domain names safe from such attacks. 

You can prevent domain theft by locking in your domain name because transferring any domain name to another registrar requires it to be unlocked. Hence, keeping all your domains locked will add an extra layer of protection.

How to keep your domain names locked?

To lock your domains you should contact your domain registrar or you may transfer your domain names to SANGKRIT.net.

SANGKRIT.net keeps all your domains locked by default without charging any extra fees for it. Updating any domain setting requires a domain name to be unlocked, here the automatic system unlocks and then relocked your domain only when you attempt to update your nameservers or any contact information on your domain name.

A green colour lock-unlock button is also present next to each of your domain name listing to let you manually lock or unlock your domain names.

Additionally, an instant email notification is sent to you every time your domain settings are updated.