Supercharge Your WordPress Site With Free Blue Hat Turbo CDN

Now you can easily and instantly super-charge your WordPress based website with Blue Hat content delivery network plugin which comes FREE. It offers loss-less image optimization, JavaScript/CSS compression, parallel download optimization, database optimization and much much more. The plugin also supports offloading your static media files to various cloud delivery networks including, Blue Hat Cloud Delivery Network, Amazon CloudFront, and Rackspace CloudFiles. You can know more about it on its home page at

How To Use Blue Hat CDN In WordPress?

Install and activate Blue Hat CDN plugin the follow the steps:

  1. After activation click the Blue Hat CDN menu item on the left hand side of your /wp-admin/ and then from the main Blue Hat CDN control panel page, choose the Settings tab to supply the plugin with your preferred CDN credentials and settings.
  2. Once you have supplied the Blue Hat CDN plugin with your preferred CDN credentials and settings, then proceed back to the main control panel tab and click the “Scan and Sync My Website’s Static Media Files To CDN Now” and that will begin the scan/sync/optimization process.
  3. That’s it, you’re all done! Its one-button click process that turbo charges your website with the Blue Hat CDN plugin! Once the initial scan/sync/optimization process is completed, your website should then be running at ultimate speed, and you can confirm this by visiting the frontend homepage of your website and clicking the view source button in your web browser to see the optimizations that the plugin has made to your final website HTML output.

Screenshot showing main control panel where you scan/sync and optimize your static media files:

Screenshot showing settings panel where you choose your preferred optimization features:

Main Plugin Features Include:

  • CDN File Offloading – offload your static JavaScript, CSS, and image files to your preferred cloud delivery network for ultra low latency delivery! Supports Blue Hat Cloud Delivery Network, Amazon CloudFront, and Rackspace CloudFiles!
  • Loss-less Image Optimization – uses Yahoo!’s SmushIt image optimization service to further optimize your static images without losing quality.
  • JavaScript/CSS Compression – uses a combination of Google Closure Compiler, JSMin and CSSMin to squeeze down JavaScript and CSS files.
  • HTML Compression – compresses the final HTML that is outputted to your visitors web browser by removing line breaks, tabs and spaces.
  • Pre-fetch DNS Optimization – uses pre-fetch DNS optimization technique to speed up DNS lookups for your website visitors.
  • Parallel Download Optimization – spreads your static media files across multiple CDN hostnames to bypass browser simultaneous download limitations.
  • Database Optimization – helps keep all your database tables optimized by running OPTIMIZE TABLE query on them on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • Auto-Scan/Sync Feature – scan and sync your static media files to your preferred CDN on a frequent basis automatically without needing to setup a cronjob.
  • Easy One-Click Setup – easy to setup and use, simply click one button and you’re done! No cronjobs, or server configuration changes to make!
  • COMPLETE FREE!!! – this plugin is completely free and is licensed under GNU GPL v3 license terms which means you can use it free forever!

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