Hacker Bundle: Selected Web Applications & Services For Hackers

Hacker Bundle is basically a package of some selected web application and services for hackers. You can get this bundle from its website HackerBundle.Com.

Hacker Bundle

The package provides you with following awesome applications and services:

Mandrill: Which is a scalable and affordable email infrastructure service, contains all the marketing-friendly analytics tools.

Beanstalk: Private Git, Subversion & Mercurial hosting. An easy way for managing code, collaborate and deploy.

Hacker Monthly: Printed magazine of Hacker News. Curated programming and startup articles.

Visual Website Optimizer: Easiest A/B testing tool with 2700+ customers worldwide.

Twilio: Cloud communications API to easily integrate voice, SMS and VoIP into any mobile or web app.

Pusher: Hosted API for adding scalable real-time functionality to web and mobile apps. Quick, easy, and secure.

BugHerd: The best way to collaborate on web projects. Track bugs, capture feedback and manage web projects effortlessly.

Growth Hacker TV: Hustlers don’t watch cable. Growth Hacker TV is an educational resource for founders trying to grow a startup.

Geckoboard: Real-time business dashboard. Monitor everything in one place, from uptime to analytics.

Hosted Graphite: Scalable hosting for Graphite, without the headaches of scaling, maintenance, and upgrades.

Mongolab: MongoDB-as-a-Service. Power your app with the most widely-deployed cloud database service in the world.

CircleCI: Powerful continuous integration and deployment with easy setup and maintenance. Ship better code, faster.

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